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The following topics are provided by AUSINSPECT as quality reference material.


Termites is an informative area about termite biology, termite damage and termite control options.


Damp provides information regarding damp, damage to buildings, causes of damp, repair of damp damaged areas, effects of damp on termite activity

Wood Boring Insects

Wood boring beetles has information on the common species that affect Australian timber in service, biology of insect, types of damage, repair of damaged timbers, control methods.

Wood Decay

Wood decay information, causes of wood decay, common damage, species of mycelium, identification.


Interesting topics and information on trees and the effect of trees in close proximity to dwellings.


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AUSINSPECT is well equipped to carry out specialised building works, termite treatments, termite nest location, termite nest eradication, effective repairs to buildings and property maintenance. We own our own machinery and truck for efficient, cost effective undertaking of works, our specialty is the repair of termite damaged and decayed structures.


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