Video is Essential for Your Ability To Make Well Informed Decisions. For Those That Seek Quality Inspection

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Ausinspect carries out non destructive inspections, the added Walk-n-Talk Video™ enables clients to get a visual of many details observed. The question is, can you afford not to have the benefit of a Walk-n-Talk Video™ when having a property inspected ? You are welcome to come along to inspection and see me do my thing - That said, I do stay very focused on Inspecting, so unfortunately, I do not have opportunity to chat at the time of inspection.

Our inspections are a small price to pay for the added peace of mind & ability to make well informed decisions.

With a Walk-n-Talk Video™ you get a lot of quality information as to the condition of the building/property, this is really very important for you! Regardless of the properties condition, you really want to know as much as possible about the property. Inclusion of Walk-n-Talk Video™is very different to the basic visual inspection reports commonly offered by others at a similar price point.

Ausinspect adds a Walk-n-Talk Video™ to written reports, simply because I care & dare to be different, video with commentary by one of Sydney's more experienced & knowledgeable inspector/builder/pestie provides a lot more detail than just a written report, video adds significant value, enabling persons to make well informed decisions.

Walk-n-Talk Video™ is Priceless!! The video has also proved to be an extremely usefull reference at a later date, when persons need to carry out a final inspection of the property at time of settlement, for example, it is a great record of the property initally inspected, I had a case where many of the inclusions of a property had been removed by the vendor prior to settlement, the video clearly showed these items, removing arguement that these had or had not been present at the time of the pre-purchase inspection, saving the new purchaser many thousands of dollars and possibly months of expensive legal arguement.

Addition of Walk-n-Talk Video™ to written reports is really an "Industry Best Practice", Video is an eye opener, it exposes the good, the bad and the ugly, really makes people more knowledgeable, you get to see much of what the inspector has seen, also within the roof & under the house, with video you can make your own decisions in a well informed manner, raw vision can be viewed again and again. I also add a verbal summary and verbal conclusion with every video, giving a good, grounded perspective on the property inspected.

My inspections are very different to other Pre-Purchase Inspections commonly available, I take a lot longer to do the onsite inspection than most, I seek to provide a lot more detail, I have the ability to convey that detail through provision of quality Walk-n-Talk Video™, I also often include tips on maintenance and durability etc' I am considered to be a damp expert with a perticular expertise in sub-floor environments. Best of all is that the video can prove very useful, not just at the time of inspection, but often proves useful for many years to come as a quality reference, that teaches & guides a property owner on maintaining the property. When all considered, for the price, my inspections provide exceptional value and are by far the best bang for your buck currently available in the industry.

The Walk-n-Talk Video™ is also proving to be a very valuble asset for Landlords, a comprehensiveWalk-n-Talk Video™ provides a landloard with a detailed record of his property, this minimises arguements that may arise with regard to the condition of the property when renters claim faults needing repair or when the tenant vacates the property at the end of a lease.

Some simply seek the Walk-n-Talk Video™ of the property they own as a reference for necessary maintenance, the video is a remarkable record of the property on the day of the inspection, the video contains so much detail provided as a visual reference, the added comentry simply provides a wealth of knowledge. The Walk-n-Talk Video™ is unique and really is a one of a kind type service.

To order an Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office or, preferably, fill in the electronic form & submit online.

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