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2022 - After 30 Years - No Longer Doing Inspections.

Ausinspect now rebranded as SWOBE | Soft Wash Of Building Elements - Ausinspect needed to rebrand as I'm no longer able to do inspections.

Having done property Building & Pest inspections for 30 years, been Building since 1977, done pest control for over 50+ years,  Now time has come to stop doing inspections and rebrand my business to enable me to continue providing services as SWOBE. Refer to

In life, we get thrown curve balls, when we least expect them, for me it has been a diagnosis of Macula Degeneration in both eyes. This warped vision has forced me to stop working in the occupation I absolutly loved,  an occupation I had been so passionate about for the last 30 years.  

I'm filled with appreciation for the support I have recieved over the years from my past clientelle, suppliers and industry colleagues as I look back on a career I need to be very proud of. 

Not one to give up, a change of direction enables me to continue providing services, that do not rely on sharp/perfect eyesight, hence, I've rebranded as SWOBE, soft washing of building elements, rejuvenation of building details to prolong the durability, primarily to improve the health and wellbeing of building occupants.    

Refer to SWOBE website for current services.

I would love to hear from you. Call Steve

Stephen Koelewyn

Telephone: - 0418 274 099

Stephen Koelewyn - NSW Builders Licence 45109c - Building Consultant Licence BC213 (Now Obsolete in NSW) - Pest Management Technician Licence 5067195
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