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2022 - After 30 Years - No Longer Doing Contract Work.

Having done property Building & Pest inspections for 30 years, been Building since 1977, done pest control for over 50+ years,  Now time has come to stop doing inspections and providing Pest Control Services.

In life, we get thrown curve balls, when we least expect them, for me it has been a diagnosis of Macula Degeneration in both eyes. This has forced me to stop working in the occupation I absolutly loved and had been so passionte about for the last 30 years.  

I'm filled with appreciation for the support I have recieved over the years from my past clientelle, suppliers and industry colleagues as I look back on a career I need to be very proud of. 

It has been tough to stop doing what i've loved doing after so many years, since I was forced to stop inspecting buildings, I've had good days,  some not so good days ,  my PTSD has become more prevelant (active combat - June 1982), self confidence and/or self image all take a hit, I get lost in a reality that I can no longer contribute as I once did, I can no longer activilly contribute daily to the betterment of others.  


Leaving this web site for informative reference only.

Pest & Building Services -

I am now focused on less demanding, building/maintenance work.

At age 62, work now needs to be more enjoyable with a higher degree of work satisfaction, I now choose to focus on working with family.

Builder 45109c, Pest Control - Cleaning - Property Rejuvenation - Building      Maintenance/Soft Wash - Hard Floor Cleaning - Sub-Floor Solutions. I am also Tree Qualified - Licenced Drone Pilot - Featured/Comprehensive Walk-n-Talk Video™.

AUSINSPECT Welcomes you to my web site. Call Stephen Koelewyn on - 0418 274 099 (NSW Builders Licence 45109c)

Ausinspect had carried out non destructive inspections for 29 years, in the later years, Walk-n-Talk Video™ was added to written reports, that enabled clients to get a visual of many details observed.

Maintenance: Maintenance is key to durability of buildings, is key to health & wellbeing of building occupants, a good soft wash rejuvenates building elements.

Pest Control is a life long passion, no job to small, my vehicle is well equipped to deal with any pest control matter deemed necessary. Full ability to thuroughly clean the kitchen, undertake dewebbing, clean rodent run markings, clean flooring/drains for more effective pest control, termite control can no longer be undertaken. Call Steve for more detail.

SoftWash - Washing of building elements without use of pressure washer, a pressure washers can be very destructive to building elements, a soft wash not only improves the appearance of a building, but also increases the durability of the building elements, pest control treatments are more effective when combined with soft wash.

Hard Floor Cleaning - A difficult task is to properly clean hard flooring. Breaking through oily residues for example in food preperation areas, commercial toilet floors or cleaning a well worn floor has been a challenge, to say the least, Washing a floor properly improves health and ammenity whilst also improving the floors visual appeal.


Property Rejuvination

As a general rule of thumb, buildings should be washed every 2 years, repainted every 8-10 years.

Prudent to undertake timely maintnenance, well maintained building elements can easily last 100+ years.

Something to consider, you spend hard earned dollars on property improvements, only to have them deteriorate over time, rejuvenation will not only prolong the durability of building elements but also retain the value of your initial investment, can you really afford not to carry out prudent, timely maintenance.


Termite Control - No longer providing this service, Termite Control now needs to be done by other service providers. One of the factors i needed to take into consideration is my inability to know if at my age, is if I'll still be trading in 8 - 10 years time, possibly not, 8-10 years is the common effective service life, per label, of some chemicals/termiticides used for effective termite control.

Colorbond Maintenance- Colorbond is a material widely used in buildings, external metal details need ongoing periodic maintenance. Colorbond should be washed with a mild soap then rinsed with water every 6 months according to Bluescope Steel Technical Bulletin 4 for Colorbond, if you want to mantain your colorbond details, I have the ability to provide a soft wash service that will increase the durability of your external colorbond details. Well maintained Colorbond can look good for many years when maintained properly.

Rejuvination - A proper wash & scrub of building elements generally restores components, my rejuvenation works make a huge difference, much cheaper than conventional renovation, also more environmentally friendly as materials that last longer generally do not need to be replaced, replacement generally creates debris/waste that inturn goes into landfill.

Ausinspect Inspection Video from Stephen Koelewyn on Vimeo.

Addition of Walk-n-Talk Video™ to written reports is unique. Video is an eye opener, it exposes the good, the bad and the ugly, really makes people more knowledgeable, you get to see much of what the inspector has seen, also within the roof & under the house, with video you can make your own decisions in a well informed manner, raw vision can be viewed again and again. I also add a verbal summary and verbal conclusion with every video, giving a good, grounded perspective on the property inspected.

I am now reluctant to carry out inspections, if I undertake an inspection from time to time, I do need an Inspection Agreement/Worksform completed in accord to AS-4349 prior to carrying out a Pre-Purchase Inspection/s or other works. The Inspection Agreement page, Orange Tab Above. Prices are listed on the Inspection Agreement Form.


Frequently Asked Questions Video - Worth Watching

Ausinspect Building and Pest Inspection - Sample Walk-n-Talk Video from Stephen Koelewyn on Vimeo.

I do believe those choosing to use my services are getting exceptional value for money. I don't mind a challenge and will endeavour to bend over backward where necessary. "Stephen Koelewyn".

AUSINSPECT - Building and Pest Inspection Video - Sample

Ausinspect provides Pre-Purchase and/or Periodic Building & Pest Inspections in the wider Sydney metropolitan areas. I provide informative Written Reports with added Walk-n-Talk Video™ of Inspections to enable persons to make more well informed decisions with regard to the inspected property.

Ausinspect is focused on providing comprehensive information that allows people to make well informed decisions and have a good understanding of the property they are having inspected.

Ausinspect takes time to do the onsite inspection, seeking to assess all aspects of the property in a thorough, relaxed manner. What Ausinspect provides is unique. The video footage is useful reference material that is likely to prove valuable in years to come. Video can be shared with friends, colleagues, family, trades and others.

Ausinspect does not only do inspections, we are active builders and active pest control providers. I do carry out termite treatments and general pest control treatments, I do, in a limited manner, recondition Sub-Floor environments and carry out a range of building services.

As an Owner or when Purchasing a property, you really need sound advice.

This sample video runs at a higher speed than normal.

AUSINSPECT - Provides Feature VIDEO in Addition to Written Reports - at no extra cost. The addition of Video is priceless - Video Reports takes inspection reporting to a completely new level. The addition of video is a must for a prudent purchaser or home owner/manager, My Detailed Video includes real time commentary. Read some of the recent additions to my Testimonials

With a Video Report you get to see a lot of what the inspector has seen, I get to explain with commentary & give reasoning about findings, with video, you can see where the inspector has been (Video is taken into accessible roof void & sub-floor areas), see for yourself faults and/or pest matters, hear water flow & visually appreciate the property,  the video contains 20-30+ minutes of footage, you can rewind, look again, easily understand the gravity of faults, also, you can now show your friends & family - Video is an efficient & valuable media for communicating the findings of the inspection that readily allows the client to make well informed decisions - great for a layman in building or pest matters, this development together with speed of delivery involves some major technical advances, Ausinspect now has the ability to provide video & written report/s within as little as 2 hours after having completed the onsite inspection in most cases. 

AUSINSPECT - Unit Inspection Video - Sample

When inspecting a unit, an inspection is also made of the exterior where possible to get an overall assessment of the condition of common areas and the complex in general, this is opposed to the norm where inspection of the units interior only is carried out as per Australian Standard 4349.

An inspection of a unit in a multi storey complex normally does not require a structural pest inspection as it is not possible to gain access to all common areas and other dwellings within the complex, therefore a unit inspection is a building inspection including thermal imaging, where any structural pest issues observed will be included in the building inspection of the unit.

Buying a Unit - Some are advising purchasers that a building inspection of a unit is a waste of money, review the sample video to see the type of information included in such a report, determine for yourself if this information would be valuable to you, to make informed decisions. A Strata Report may indicate known or previously identified problems but does not necessarily include faults yet to be identified.


AUSINSPECT - Provides Sub-Floor Solutions,

Sub-Floor Reconditioning provides a huge benefit to the health & wellbeing of the buildings occupants.

Sub-Floor Reconditioning will reduce conditions for fungi growth and reproduction, it is the flowing of fungi that generrally causes musty odours in buildings.

Stephen Koelewyn gets down and dirty within the confined spaces of a sub-floor to carry out this labour intensive work, it is not the sort of job a normal person would choose to do, however, the benfits are well worth the efforts.

Ihave always said, If I can prevent one child from having asthma or other respritory problems, all my hard work over many years has been well worth while.



AUSINSPECT - Washes Buildings

Soft Wash of Buildings is important to prolong the durability of building elements.

Colorbond type metals ideally need to be washed periodically, Bluesope Steel recommendes washing every 6 months based on Technical Bulliten #4, however, a wash once every 2 years is the general rule of thumb recomendation for washing the exterior of a building. Repaining of elements neeing painting should be done oince every 8 - 10 years.

Stephen Koelewyn washes with biodegradebale soaps, scrubs the exterior of buildings. This cleans accumulated dirt, over time, bacteria, fungi and lichen growth establishes in the dirt, it is the bacterias and accumulated salts for example that cause rapid detgerioration of metal finishes and can contribute to corrosion, hence the washing of these details is important.

Unfortunately, pressure cleaners appear to clean well, however, they blast off the dirt, blowing it to surrounds without sanitising, fungi and/or bacteria often restablishes quickly. Soft Wash with soaps is the preferable way to clean the exterior of a building.

Washing can be combined with genrtal pest control treatments provided by Ausinspect.

Major Fail - Beware - Pre-Purchase Inspections are Essential

Purchaser bought this property at Auction in June 2015 without getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection. I inspected property on 22nd October 2015

Purchaser bought the property, without inspection, chose not to spend $$$ on an inspection of a property to be auctioned. Now has a brutal reality of having bought a house with major termite damage, also has many major building defects not shown in this video.

Reality is, the building has extensive termite damage, ongoing termite activity, newer timbers to repaired framing from past termite attack now hollowed by termite damage. The building has extensive termite damage where structure has significant loss of structural integrity, to the point where eaves have sagged. (I have only seen sagging eaves, due to termites, to only 4 Buldings in the last 23 years.)

I can not emphasise the importance to of having a property inspected independently prior to purchase.

Reality is that Vendors/Agents will do their best to maximise the sale price, naturally, it would not have been in the vendors interest to disclose this type of damage at time of sale, the vendor would have most likley known, prior to the sale, that this buiding had extensive termite damage.

Can't ephasise enough, the importance of independent inspections, in Australia, it is a matter of buyer beware, the buyer needs to make all necessary enquires and engage necessary inspections prior to signing on the dotted line.

In reality, no one is going to readily volunteer such information of termite damage that would have a negative impact on the sale price of a propery - this is why vendor reports included as part of a contract for sale can not be relied on, a prudent purchaser should always seek independent advice.

I do need an Inspection Agreement/Worksform completed in accord to AS-4349 prior to carrying out a Pre-Purchase Inspection/s or other works. The Inspection Agreement page, Orange Tab Above. Prices are listed on the Inspection Agreement Form.

AUSINSPECT - Pest Inspection Video

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection and/or first time Pest Inspections of a given property by Ausinspect will have the additional of video to the written report.

Periodic Pest Inspections normally will not include video unless significant changes to property have been made or significant pest damage is observed, as these properties have been inspected in the past and Stephen Koelewyn is familiar with the property being inspected.

Thermal Imaging Inspections for the purpose of pest observations includes a full pest inspection of the property using conventional pest inspection methods together with the thermal imaging, as seen in this sample video, thermal imaging is utilised to get assessment of concealed details. Video is included in addition to a written pest report. This is very different to the type of inspection provide by my industry colleagues.

I take pride in the fact that I was the worldwide pioneer for the use of thermal imaging for detection of termites to concealed areas in buildings.

Ausinspect - Ultraviolet from Stephen Koelewyn on Vimeo.

AUSINSPECT - Ultaviolet UV

During inspections of properties, use of Ultraviolet light can be useful in detection of food residues that can promote general pest activity.

Ultraviolet light is a great aid in determining rodent activity, be it past or present, enables easier identification of where rodents track and where rodent have been gnawing at electrical wiring, the concern is always that rodents will gnaw at electrical wiring potentially causing an electrical short that can contribute to a house fire, in particular a concern to buildings that do not have an Electrical Safety Switch/Earth Leakage Switch/RCD.

In a sub-floor environment, in addition to rodent activity, is clearly identifies fungal growth occurring over soils surfaces, this type of fungal growth under buildings is of particular concern as it contributes to musty odours to living areas in dwelling, can present a health hazard to occupants, in particular those that have a higher sensitivity to respiratory problems.

Ultraviolet also aids in detection of efflorescence occurring to masonry, areas need to be dark for effective results.

AUSINSPECT - Termatrac Video

Ausinspect carries the Termatrac on every pest/building/property inspection, ready to be used when needed.

Termatrac is a tool used for detection of termite activity to concealed areas. Termatrac was developed in Australia some 15 years ago, the T3i is the latest evolution of Termatrac.

Ausinspect, Stephen Koelewyn, was one of the first to adopt the use of Termatrac when it was initially released. Recently the latest model of the Termatrac was purchased.

Termatrac provides an ability to give a better determination of possible termite activity to those areas where indicators are observed of possible concealed termite activity. A valuable tool to carry whilst doing any pest inspection, in particualr usefull during pre-purchase inspections of property, essential on any termite treatment.

When considering a service provider for pre-purchase inspections, it is important to determine if the service provider, or more importantly, the actual inspector has the necessary tools to carry out the inspection on your behalf.

Thermal Imaging and the Termatrac are tools not commonly carried by most Building & Pest Inspectors, Ausinspect finds these tools so valuable that they are carried on our building and pest inspections.


AUSINSPECT uses leading edge technology, inspections may includeThermal Imaging, Thermal Imaging is strongly recommended.

The attached image is an example of concealed termite damage to a wall, without the use of Thermal Imaging this termite damage would have gone undetected at the time of the pre-purchase inspection.

Stephen Koelewyn was the world pioneer in adapting thermal imaging technology for detection of termite concerns in the early 1990's, Can you afford not to have this added benefit ? Regrettably many people get caught short after using other inspection companies only to find that an additional thermal imaging inspection is recommended, these people often do not have the time within the cooling off period to organise the additional thermal inspection or the vendors are reluctant to allow access for an additional inspection, we simply offer the added benefit of a thermal inspection while carrying out our inspections,

Thermal Imaging is a valuable tool, it is a tool with limitations, conventional inspection techniques are essential as Thermal imaging should never be used as a stand alone inspection tool, that said, in some instances the use of Thermal Imaging is the only available non destructive technology that can provide indicators of concealed termite activity or leaks in buildings. Use of Thermal Imaging is strongly recommended, Thermal Imaging is a valuable addition to any Building and/or Pest Inspections. A prudent Purchaser will include Thermal Imaging, it is not worth the risk of choosing not to use this technology where it is available.

The decision to choose a provider to carry out Building & Pest Inspections and/or Termite Treatmentsis serious business, a poor choice may have dire consequences, you should make your considerations carefully, be wary and make a decision that you are comfortable with. Your decision is important to you and your family, I try to be transparent in detailing some of my advantages vs. disadvantages on this site please take your time to read, enquire and establish a balanced choice that best serves your need/s.

In every industry, some lead and many follow, Stephen Koelewyn has been a leader in the pest industry for many years, always hands on, undertaking self funded R & D, innovating, pioneering new technologies such as thermal imaging in the early 90's, onsite crushing, skips by bags, reconditioning of sub-floor environments to reduce conditions for fungal growth under buildings and many more methods now common practice in construction, pest control and inspection services. A big difference is that Steve is hands on, in the field every day, inspecting properties, working heavy machinery, treating pests, building and sharing knowledge, over the years, many have copied Steve's report formats, work practices, technologies and methods - this has always been a tremendous compliment.

Stephen Koelewyn - Builder since 1977 - Licence 45109c - Pest Control L2025 - Cert' IV in Pest Control - Qualified Arboriculture (Trees) - Few in the industry have this combination of qualifications and unique experience. In addition to inspections, I also provides full Pest Control Services, Termite Control Services and Property Maintenance. I am a practicing Builder & Pest Controller. I also have a particular expertise in Sub-Floor Solutions. I have also introduced a new service - Crush N Save - Onsite Crushing

The addition of Crush N Save arose from my need to dispose or reuse debris in sub-floor areas of buildings, crushing of materials such as broken bricks, broken concrete, rocks etc' allows for a better medium when applying termiticides to the ground for effective termite control.


Termite damage observed within a roof void, termites will seek the higher areas of a building in a similar manner as they seek higher limbs of a tree, this is because termites need elevation to increase the possible success of reproductive flight, Termites can cause significant damage to structures, regular periodic inspections are essential.

Termites are a real risk in most of mainland Australia, every property in the Sydney region is considered to have a high risk of future termite activity, high risk is our base reference when making any termite related recommendations, no building in Sydney is considered to have a low risk of termite attack.


This video is of a sub-floor area being cleared of debris in preparation for an appropriate termite treatment, example of some of the difficulties involved, it also includes some evidence of termite damaged timbers that have been removed from the sub-floor areas that are being cleared.

Ausinspect carries out sub-floor work on a limited basis, I limit myself to the volume of sub-floor reconditioning work I am willing to undertake, in general I will carry out two sub-floor reconditioning jobs a month.

In my younger years I would carry out major building works, provide regular sub-floor solutions, these days I choose to do higher volumes of inspections together with a good balance of pest control work, it is all about longevity, I prefer to utilise my machinery and truck to do the hard labour where appropriate and save my body from the excessive wear of the extreme hard labour of clearing sub-floors on a daily basis.

This YouTube video is an interesting observation of termite damage to a building where extensions are being carried out - no one should assume that the building does not have a high risk of concealed termite egress.

As an industry, we strongly recommend that Every building in Australia needs to be inspected for termites at least annually (Once a Year).

As a hands on building & pest professional I can provide prudent advice based on my experience & ongoing capabilities, I have dedicated my working lif to building & pest control, I maintain some of the best equipment money can buy, often referred to by industry colleagues as "Inspector Gadget.

AUSINSPECT provides Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection Reports, General Pest Control, Vendor Advice, Periodic Pest Inspections, Invasive Inspections, Termite Control, Termite prevention alternatives, Sub-Floor Solutions, Building Diagnosis, General Building Advice, Crush N Save and a range of Building Works.


Mould is a clear visual indicator of nature, that something is seriously out of balance and immediate remedies are needed, failure to take note of natures warnings can cause harm to humans. read more.

The adjoining picture has yellow/brownish fungal growth over the soil surfaces, the odours of this type  of fungal growth is very musty, and often is the source of musty odours that can be quiet irritating within the habitable areas of a building. This type of fungal growth has potential to cause health problems in some people, I am of the opinion that this is one of the initial causes of persons developing respiratory sensitivities that then develop into asthma, younger children are physically closer to floor level & therefore more exposed, being aware of sub-floor conditions and if sub-floor environment can be altered/improved is important.

AUSINSPECT is based in Como, a southern suburb of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.

AUSINSPECT is often employed to provide expert advice by many pest control companies, building or pest insurers and builders. Stephen Koelewyn's building & pest knowledge and expertise are well developed and highly regarded.

Stephen Koelewyn altered his business name from Australian Pre-Purchase Inspections to AUSINSPECT to accommodate his desire to work in a wide range of various Building, Pest Control and Asset Maintenance works. I also trade as Handy Pest Control, some people assume that as Ausinspect I do not do pest control.


AUSINSPECT is a unique service provider as we not only carry out inspections, I also have the ability and the equipment to carry out the work, this keeps my trade skill set sharp, skills up to date and also affords me opportunity to purchase some of the most advanced equipment available to make the job at hand more efficient, this inturn saves my clients money by comparison and increases my profitability enabling me to reinvest further when new technologies become available.

Stephen Koelewyn enjoys hands on trade work, be it various building works or pest control or termite control, Steve is keen to maintain his broad skill base and wide range of equipment. Steve Koelewyn constantly is carrying out experiments and further research to make improvements, Steve was the first in the world to pioneer the use of Thermal Imaging for detection of termites.

AUSINSPECT purchases a new stump grinder that is more efficient than our old stump grinder, the new attachment on my Avant Articulated Loader is quick at removing stumps, efficient and quiet when grinding stumps. Any size tree stump within the areas where I can drive my loader machine is easy work, my loader is 1050mm wide.

Stephen Koelewyn has the equipment to make the job easier, he invests in the best equipment he can source.

I hope that you have an informative and satisfying browse through the different areas of this site. I like to thank you for visiting this site.

From 1st January 2004 till 1st October 2009 - Building Consultants needed to be licensed to carry out pre-purchase building inspections in NSW.

Stephen Koelewyn Building Consultant Licence # was BC213 prior to this licence catergory being dicontinued by the government in October 2009.



To order an Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office or, preferably, fill in the electronic form & submit online.

I would love to hear from you. Call Steve

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AUSINSPECT is well equipped to carry out specialised building works, termite treatments, termite nest location, termite nest eradication, effective repairs to buildings and property maintenance. We own our own machinery and truck for efficient, cost effective undertaking of works, our specialty is the repair of termite damaged and decayed structures.

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