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2022 - After 30 Years - No Longer Doing Contract Work.

Having done property Building & Pest inspections for some 30 years, pest control for 50+ years,  time has come to stop doing inspections and providing Pest Control Services. Now Semi Retired.

Leaving this web site forinformative reference only.

Building Maintenance

I carry out building maintanance, be it periodic maintenance, ongoing maintenance or simply a near instant restoration/makeover of a property.

Back in 2015 my daughter opened a small office space in Miranda as a Cowork space to provide opportunity for tech startups to work with like minded poeple. Inspire CoWork has since grown considerably, My challenge in addition to the necessary building works was to make Inspire CoWork be different. Like most, my cleaning skills were average at best, I needed to make a paradigm shift in the way cleaning and maintenance was undertaken on a regular basis. This involved my own multi pronged approach of cleaning methods together with formulation of specialised cleaning products. The results have been amazing, the glass, for example, that has been used extensively throughout the build, presented me with a challenge of not only having to clean the glass but to make it look like crystal, I started by cleaning the glass in a conventional manner, this gave me an average result, I then went back to what I had learned many years earlier about glass in material science, I started experimenting with formulations to take advantage of the roughness of the surface of the glass, through use of nano technoloogy, I figured that the minimal roughness of the glass can actually be a benefit in providing opportunity to altering how light gets reflected off the glass, by filling these pores, the glass then tends to reflect light differently, in a manner that very much resembles crystal.The end result has been that the glass details look amazing, this inturn really makes the entire workspace look very different to any other office space I get to visit or observe. Had it not been my daughters office space, I would never of had the oppotunity to go to this level of experimentation to achieve such a result. This has inturn meant that I now have very unique skills to provide others when maintaining buildings.

Floor cleaning was also an area that proved to be very problematic in achieving a good cleaning and maintenance regime, mops after the first use on a given surface simply start taking dirt from A to B without actually lifting and removing the soiled water and/or dirt, this was not good in achieving a clean floor, in particular in high traffic toilet areas and entries for example, I bought and tried numerous cleaning equipment options that simply failed to achive satisfactory results, I learnt that cleaning suppliers are more about moving high profit items to the masses rather than leading one to the most effective cleaning product or method, (understandable as the supplier is not really using any of the products continuously, rather, at best, relying on feedback or information provided by sales reps'), the only machinery that showed promise for floor cleaning was CRB (counter rotating brush machines) but even they still came up short of the final desired result, so it was back to experimentation and formulation of cleaning products for use on the floor, I was able to make a formulation that was not only an effective cleaner but reduced brush friction of the machine on the floor surface that inturn improved the detachement of dirt and effective pick up of that dirt from the surface, I was then able to achieve a cleaning of flooring the leaves no residue, similar result to what is achieved to clean the dishes with a dishwasher. Occupants of Inspire CoWork space have said to me that the toilets in the Cowork space are the only toilets in a commercial office they have knwon where thay can wear socks into the toilets.

Next was the challenge of cleaning the toilet fixtures, toilet bowls, vanities etc'. I figured that to make a work place special, it is important the the toilets are spotless every morning, that a reflection can be seen in the porcelain of the toilets and cisterns, It is very important for poeple to be able to come to work knowing that the toilets are pleasant to use. Again, I needed an effective disinfectant formulation together with a method of cleaning that leaves a polished porcelain finish that reflects like a well polished gem stone.

Work desks were also a challenge, regular cleaning formulations available off the shelf would leave a hazy residue, even as minimal as this was, in certain lighting conditions the shadowing of a haze could be seen, in the subconscios the cowork space did not look really clean, again, experimentation with formulations lead me to achieve a sheen the reflects well, other surfaces such as walls and skirtings also benefited from this formulation, the sheen may only be observed in ones subconscios, however thiis really makes the space feel airy, fresh and clean. The feel is really what makes the Inspire CoWork quite special.

Having obtained this knowledge and ability, I was also able to experiment on houses, my formulations are excellent in enabling me to soft wash buildings without the need to use pressure washers, just normal tap pressure with a specialty trigger to a garden hose. The formulatons I make are excellent on washing and polishing many types of surfaces, the standout is colorbond and painted fibro or compressed fibre cenment eaves soffits, Buildings get such a lift when cleaned with my unique method, the best part is that dirt does not stick and the desired result of the clean/sheen has a longevity that is simply amazing. It also minimmises spider reinfestation, it appears that the surfaces are slippery for spiders, reducing the areas in which they establish. Also having the ability to clean windows with a unique sheen really lifts the overall street appeal of any property.

Sweeping is also very important in the cleaning procces, a good sweep of surfaces detaches dirt and grime, surfaces that are swept frequently will not have lesser block mould like you see on aging concrete driveways and paths, methods of sweeping really make a differance, had you of asked me a decade ago about swepping, I would have said any broom and/or sweeping method would be sufice, boy, how wrong could I have been.

Garden paths and driveways, to make a standout of paths and driveways, they need a good sweep, multiple times over an extended period, a wash with an algecide is beneficial but use of high pressure cleaning methods is certainly not recommended, once hardened surfaces are cleaned, weeds removed etc', it comes down to edging of the grass for details to look spectacular, most use a edger with string, I find that an edger with a blade is prefferable, the secret in achieving an outsatanding result is in the clean up over the edging has been done, I find that use of a blower is not a good practice, a sweep and collect of debris is much more effective and leaves an end result that is trully pleasing to the eye.

Periodic maintenance generally invlolves various building works, good cleaning and pest control.Any building ideally should be washed once every 2 years, external details ideally should be painted once evry 8 to 10 years.

One of the more recognised buidings that I do regular ongoing maintenance on is 29 Kiora Road, Miranda. Also known as The Kiora Centre.

Within this building I currently carry out all the general Office Cleaning, Balcony Cleaning, Hygeine Service, Pest Control, Window Cleaning and full supply of necessary sanitry products for Inspire CoWork who occupy 2100sqm of floor space on Level 1, Level 2 and Level 4 of 29 Kiora Road, Miranda.

In addition to all these developments on cleaning and washing, I have still been able to advance my inspection techniques and technolgy by obtaining a drone pilots licence and improving my walk-n-talk videos of inspections.


Choice of glass balstrades means the glass needs to be cleaned periodically to be appealing, how the glass is cleaned makes a big difference to the overall appearance, my cleaning methods differs significantly from what others do.

Finishes to grass edging of the kerd and guttering and/or driveway makes a huge difference of the street appeal of a grassed area, wouldn't areas look much better if more were to spend the time on finishing and cleaning the edges, a grassed area that is visually pleasing provides a pleasant visual amenity for the wider community.

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