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    Late 2011 Ausinspect altered the approach to provision of building reports.

   Ausinspect now includes featured video in addition to the written report - this has proved to be a huge success with clients providing positive feedback

    Video has given the opportunity to provide quality advice in addition to detailing observations made during the inspection, people get to understand a lot more about the building issues observed and therefore can make more informed decisions, it takes out the guesswork of what is meant by certain technical terms and proves that areas have been inspected. Video also gives opportunity to provide ongoing maintenance recommendations in some circumstances, making the inspection report and video a valuable reference to revisit again and again when considering periodic maintenance or alterations etc'.

    Communicating the findings of a building inspection is the most important aspect of the inspection/report process, a written report with the addition of featured video gives people a much better understanding, questions related to building matters inspected has dropped dramatically since the introduction of video.

    When considering ordering inspection/s one needs to realise that it is important to understand the information provided, Ausinspect has been able to lead the industry in providing comprehensive reports for 20 years, now with the addition of video it has added significant value to our already comprehensive reporting.

    A fringe benefit of our new written reports with added video is that the turn around time has dropped significantly with most inspection reports and videos of inspection provided with 2 hours of the completion of the inspection in most cases.









  * AUSINSPECT replaces older Thermal Imaging cameras (Early 2008) with the latest generation Thermal Camera, we now carry out, where applicable, a thermal scan while performing combined Building & Pest Inspections.


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Important Note to all Consumers:

As of 1st January 2004 Building Consultants need to be licenced to carry out pre-purchase building inspections in NSW.

Stephen Koelewyn Building Consultant Licence #  BC213


Nice to have positive feedback from a satisfied client:

HI Stephen.
Just to let you know that I showed your Building and Pest report to my solicitor on Wednesday. He was so impressed he took a photo copy of the front page and your details. Said he had never seen a building report as professional and as well put together as yours.  I agreed wholeheartedly. 
I just thought you might like to know.
Anna K


If you want to order a Pre-Purchase Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office.

Below are pictures of screens showing the general layout of our reports, pictures are no longer included in reports with video as video is far more informative then still pictures  - we have no known knowledge of competitors providing a similar format of report.

A report is a useless document if the client is unable to understand the content of the report, when purchasing a home we endeavour to give you the information so a layman can understand and make important decisions accordingly.

Our Non-Destructive Structural Pest Reports have colored text to highlight areas of particular interest.


Our thermal camera is used while performing inspections and provides us with a broader view including infrared spectrum.

Typical fibro clad timber framed dwelling, fibro clad houses were commonly built in Sydney's western suburbs during the 1950's.

To order an Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office or, preferably, fill in the electronic form & submit online.

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AUSINSPECT is well equipped to carry out specialised building works, termite treatments, termite nest location, termite nest eradication, effective repairs to buildings and property maintenance. We own our own machinery and truck for efficient, cost effective undertaking of works, our specialty is the repair of termite damaged and decayed structures.

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