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Basements - No Longer Taking On New Basement Projects

Ausinspect is equipped to carry out extensions under some types of residential buildings.

Ausinspect may be able to provide you with the solution to add that extra room, create a workshop or extend the garage under the house. Depending on the type of structure and provision for access of machinery we have the ability to convert underfloor areas into useable space.

Stephen Koelewyn has worked hard to be in a position to build basements under buildings, Ausinspect wishes to provide a service that can allow people to utilise areas under the building that otherwise are areas that have been poorly utilised.

So if you live in Sydney's southern suburbs and have considered building under your house we would be interested in providing you with a proposition to extend.

Stephen Koelewyn is a Licenced Builder 45109c - Licenced Building Consultant BC-213 - Licenced Pest Control Operator L2025

Stephen Koelewyn co-owned a structural steel building company that carried out many large turn key projects in the 1980's

A typical sub-floor with brick piers on soil

Ausinspect installs steel members that are fabricated and welded onsite minimising the need to alter existing underslung services.

Once the steel has been welded in place and is load bearing the excavation process can begin, a delicate excavation including the removal of existing brick pier foundations is started with the use of Ausinspect's own mini excavator and mini front end loader. Our machines have a full compliment of attachments such as hydraulic hammer, augers, grinders etc'

Where needed we have the ability to underpin existing foundations in a conventional manner and where applicable we choose to use screw pier technology.

As the job progresses into the sub-floor areas any stored items are relocated as needed, the progression of installing steel and removing brick pier foundations is undertaken in stages allowing more flexibility and added ease of access during the construction process.

The existing floor framing can be left in place without need to remove or alter the detail of the existing flooring, this adds to the benefit of minimising the impact of the excavation works on the existing structure.

Ausinspect chooses to remove soil and rubble by use of bins or Skippybags or by carting the materials away with our own truck, this process leaves the overall site clean with only minimal disturbance to existing landscapes etc'. With the flexibility of skippybags and our own truck it is possible to leave the site clear of debris and/or spoils.

To order an Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office or, preferably, fill in the electronic form & submit online.

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