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Many Sydney based inspection companies provide Pre-Purchase, Pre-Sale, Vendor & Periodic Building and/or Pest Inspections, if these companies are insured then they must work in accord with AS-4349 and AS-3660. So why choose one company and not the other? Is there a difference?

We believe that there are differences and you need to make an informed choice of who appears more attractive and will provide you with information that will assist you. Like with cars that have many makes & models - some car makes are perceived to be better than others, inspections are no different, some Inspectors are more meticulous than others, some reports can be presented with more detail and are easier to comprehend than others. Prices often vary - the cheapest price may not necessarily be the best value.

Property is one of the larger assets most people will own, buy or sell. The information that you are given in a report of the inspection needs to be understood and provide you with detail that gives you the tools to make and informed decision. The inspector is a professional who often has a vast knowledge of properties and buildings, the inspector often uses technical language that is not necessarily fully understood by persons that have only a limited familiarity with the technical language and therefore reading reports that explain the content in a generally easy to understand language can often mean the difference between comprehending the content of a report or just reading a lot of boring text.

It would be prudent to give serious consideration on whom you choose to employ to carry out your inspections, often clients only remember or realise that they need an inspection at the last moment and then it can be difficult to make informed choices. In a pre-purchase situation, toward the end of a cooling off period, often an inspector is chosen at random as the client is tied up with so many other important issues and therefore only limited consideration is given to the employment of an inspection company.

The best way to find any good service provider is by recommendation, it is a known fact that many of the best tradesman can only be found through word of mouth as they rarely need to advertise and people who have heard of there work are willing to wait until they are available, these tradesman are also generally very reliable as they generally do not commit to more than they can handle. The same should apply to Inspection companies, if your friends or family have used someone in the past that provided a good service then this may be the company best suited for you.     It is however important to be wary of some situations where an inspection company is recommended by an individual that may be gaining a commission from each lead or referral for business, this individual does not necessarily have your best interest at heart.

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Nice to have positive feedback from a satisfied client:

HI Stephen.
Just to let you know that I showed your Building and Pest report to my solicitor on Wednesday. He was so impressed he took a photo copy of the front page and your details. Said he had never seen a building report as professional and as well put together as yours.  I agreed wholeheartedly. 
I just thought you might like to know.
Anna K

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