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2022 - After 30 Years - No Longer Doing Contract Work.

Having done property Building & Pest inspections for some 30 years, pest control for 50+ years,  time has come to stop doing inspections and providing Pest Control Services. Now Semi Retired.

Leaving this web site for informative reference only.

Crush N Save - Onsite Crushing - I Now Only Do this for Myself

Crush N Save is an onsite crushing service, for example broken concrete can be crushed into 30mm aggregate for reuse as road base. Reducing the need to haul broken concrete from site to a concrete recycler and then purchase crushed aggregate for use in building activities onsite. Logically, major savings are achieved by crushing the concrete on site, then having the aggregate ready to be used for the likes of improved drainage, site crossovers or as a road base.

Stephen Koelewyn has been actively involved in the building industry since 1977. Stephen Koelewyn's inovations over many years have contributed to improvements in the building & pest control industries. Crush N Save is yet another innovative service established by Stephen Koelewyn to lessen our impact on the environment and provide cost savings to some building activities effectively reducing life of building impact on the environment.

Give Steve a call on 0418 274 099 for crushing, if you want clean crushed fill, you can register your interest and as materials came available these can be delivered in the Sutherland & St George areas.















Crush N Save - FAQ:

Areas Serviced by Crush N Save

Initially Servicing the Southern Sydney Area Only - Sydney Australia

Why Crush Onsite ?

To save tipping fees, transportation of debris, reduce disposal to landfill and reuse valuable crushed materials onsite where possible. Onsite crushing is not new, very large projects have had crushing capabilities but this has involved large crushing equipment that can not readily be dispatched to smaller sites.

What can be crushed ?

Waste material that can be crushed includes: bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, natural inert materials, glass, tiles, asphalt slabs. The Crush N Save rotary crushing system isnít hindered by the presence of earth, wood, wet and deformable materials. Reinforced steel is either sheered or bent without damaging crusher.

Crush N Save waste reduction.

Waste reduction and disposal represents a serious problem especially on restructuring jobs, renovations and small demolition jobs. Waste materials from construction sites can be crushed and reused on job sites, meaning more cost-effective transporting and crushed materials can also be reused onsite for improved drainage, as a backfill material, as a sub-grade or road base.

I have a pile in the yard that is made up of rocks, roots, clay and bricks.

Crush N Save crusher can handle a magnitude of site conditions and are not slowed down by debris that is wet, muddy or material with alot of dirt mixed in with it. Wood or roots also cause no ill effect on the crushing process as debris get pushed directly through the crusher.

The bricklayer has left broken bricks around the site.

Crush N Save can crush the broken bricks into a 30mm minus aggregate.

I am an earthmoving contractor.

Crush N Save can process rocks that have been excavated, making refill material into a more usable backfill matrix, improved cqampactable material, when leveling for example, those rocks that restrict achieving even finishes can be crushed and reduced.

I have old bricks scattered in the yard and under the house.

Crush N Save can crush this material into an aggregate that can have numerous uses around the property.

I am having the tiles of the roof replaced.

The roof tiles can be crushed, crushed tiles can be a usable material on the property. This saves transportation and disposal costs of old tiles, helping reduce the cost of roof replacement for both the roofing contractor and the property owner.

Landscapers advantage.

Crushing of materials onsite can improve the efficiency of landscaping contractors. What has till now only been available to large scale construction projects or government departments is now available to the smaller landscaping contractors.

True Case:

A client of mine sees an advert for removal of clean fill at $70 a tonne in the Steel Supplier warehouse in Kirrawee, NSW - at this price I am unable to compete so I advise my client that I will pull my equipment from site as it would be more feasible for him to engage the offer of removal at $70 a tonne, my client gets the stock piles of excavated material assessed and is advised by the contractor offering to dispose at $70 a tonne that each truckload would cost $800. The client thinks that this is a good deal however the contractors truck has the same loading rating as my truck, I disposed of a load of 6 tonne for this client  for $660 all inclusive, this was for a full truck load - my truck was loaded to maximum capacity. The guy advertising $70 a tonne is actually charging somewhere around $133 a tonne whilst I had been charging $110 a tonne. Goes to prove that the bargain that sounds to good to be true usually is.  The scam appears to be related to the gross weight of the truck - it is a 10.4 tonne tipper, so 10.4 X $70 + GST = around $800   the trucks of this size only have a maximum carrying capacity of 6 tonne, the 4.4 tonne of the trucks own weight is being included in the so called weight of material to be trucked out.

I have scales on my Avant 745 loader that give accumulated weights - I weigh my loads and know what the weight of material is and charge for that material only, It is so easy for consumers to get taken for a ride. One needs to be very wary of such bait advertising.

This client has now asked me to resume the work onsite, he is now confident that my pricing is more than reasonable.

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