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Curriculum Vitae



Stephen Koelewyn – Born - Bathurst, Australia    2nd February 1960

                                           Married 37 years – 3 Children - 3 Grandchildren


                Builder –  NSW –  B/License 45109c

                Building Consultant - BC213 - (Now Obsolete in NSW)

                Asset Maintenance - Certificate 4

                Pest Management - Certificate 4

                 Pest Control Operator   NSW – Pest Control License – 5067195  

                NSW  -  Pest Control Registration. 1069

                Tree Surgeon / Arborist  - Ryde TAFE

                Trade – Carpenter & Joiner

                Trade – Boilermaker

                Trade – Welder



                Building Consultant –  IBC  

                Certificate 4 - in Asset Maintenance and Pest Management

                  Termite Expert - Course

                Wood Technology - Course

                Legal Report Writing - Course

                Infrared Specialist / Thermography –Inframetrics USA

                Business Management - Course

                TimberSure & TimberSafe

                Timber Pest Inspections - Course

                Structural Steel – D & C - Course

                Damp Specialist

                Disaster Rescue  -  S.E.S

                IAMA (Institute Arbitrators & Mediators Australia) NSW Expert Witness Workshop 2008

                Pemote Pilot licence  -  CASA - (Drone Pilot)

                Aviation Radio Operator - CASA


Association Membership:

                IBC - Institute Of Building Consultants - Current

               AEPMA - Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (Not Current)


Volunteer Experience:

                Assisting Disabled Persons - Driver

                State Emergency Service – NSW  - Not Current  


                Affects of buildings on human health

                Fungi & Mushroom Growth


                Termites  - Entomology

                Cleaning Chemistry - Cleaning/Wash of Buildings to prevent pests and fungal growth.

                Wildlife - Reptiles, Birds, Mammals

                Rugby League & Motor sport


Practical Experience

                179 Major building projects

       Over 1500 termite treatments.

                Over 9000 inspection reports

                General Pest Control – 30+ years

                Tree Lopping over 20 meters

                Sub-Floor Solutions - Underpining, Sub-Floor Reconditioning, Restumping.

                R & D of termite detection

Providing advice to Builders and Pest Control firms.

                Specialist in detection of structural pest damage, activity & termite nest location.

                Remedial building works.

                Building disputes resolution.

                Consultant for major insurers

                Expert Witness

                Major clients include,-   Coles- Woolworths -HIH

Stephen Koelewyn -  the son of a self employed pest controller, participated in termite control from a very young age.

Started a building career in 1977 – Stephen has built a total of 168 factories/schools/ offices as turn key projects in the Middle East as a leading building contractor.

Has worked on some major building sites in Sydney Metro Area as a foreman (Miranda Police Station, Westfield Hurstville, Westfield Miranda)

Project Management - Kiora Centre - 29 Kiora Road, Miranda

Inspire CoWork fitout - Kiora Road, Miranda 

Has performed Building & Pest Inspections in Sydney since 1992.

Stephen Koelewyn continues to build and carry out pest treatments on a selective basis to continue developing skills and staying up to date with changes to both the building and pest industries.

To order an Inspection please print a Pre Inspection Agreement form and fax it to our office or, preferably, fill in the electronic form & submit online.

I would love to hear from you. Call Steve

Telephone: - 0418 274 099
Postal address
63 Tivoli Esplanade, COMO 2226
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Office of Fair Trading (NSW)- Building Inspections - A Home Buyer's Guide    PDF Reader

Office of Fair Trading NSW - Home Building Service - Includes Licence Check

Institute of Building Consultants

AEPMA - A Code Of Practice - For Prior To Purchase Timber Pest Inspections - Stephen Koelewyn - participant Drafting Committee

AEPMA - Australian Pest Managers Association I am no longer a member of this Association

Stephen Koelewyn - NSW Builders Licence 45109c - Building Consultant Licence BC213 (Now Obsolete in NSW) - Pest Control Licence 2025
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AUSINSPECT is well equipped to carry out specialised building works, termite treatments, termite nest location, termite nest eradication, effective repairs to buildings and property maintenance. We own our own machinery and truck for efficient, cost effective undertaking of works, our specialty is the repair of termite damaged and decayed structures.


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