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A Thurough Wash of a Buildings Flooring Improves Health and Ammenity

Proper washing of a buildings hard flooring is necessary maintenance - over time, grit and grime binds to flooring surfaces, hard floor surfaces are rarely properly cleaned off periodically.

Washing flooring properly sanitises the flooring and improves the visual appeal.

Kitchen flooring of "Inspire CoWork Miranda" is an example of my hard floor cleaning.

Any food preperation area for example needs to have flooring cleaned properly, food preperation flooring in particular will accumulate an oily grime, when flooring is repeatedly moistioned, these oily residues will emulsify, emulsified oils contain nutrients that inturn act as a fertiliser for mould, bacterial growth, pathogens etc'. Mould/Bacteria/Pathogens not only can present a health hazard but also provide an ideal food source for pests such as cockroaches. Ausinspect - Emulsified oils Bacteria

Amenities such as commercial toilets also need to have the hard flooring cleaned properly, urine spillage, oversplash of water/soap under/around sinks, residues to walls and floors under handriers are all part of a make up of residues that binds with dirt brought in from shoes, this grime that is normally sticky and toxic is then spread to other areas of a building when poeple that have used the ammenity walk through. Just another example of why hard floor cleaning is so important for overall health and amenity.

I can provide a hard floor wash in the Sydney region.

Dirt accumulates to surfaces over time, the dirt as in quartz for example, is generally not the problem, however, accumulated dirt provides conditions for spores of fungi, mould, bacteria, pathogens to grow and reproduce, accumulated dirt also retains saline salts or other chemical matter that contribute to corrosion/deteriration, it is this organic matter that causes damage to painted surfaces, metals, timbers, masonry etc'.

To emphasise, Dirt retains saline salts or other chemical matter that contribute to corrosion.

Washing cleans building elements, those painted surfaces naturally last longer when kept clean, consider the economical benfits in looking after painted surfaces, the cost to repaint is not cheap, cost to replace a buidings element not only has a dollar cost but also a huge environmental cost.

I am always amazed that people will readily wash the car frequently to maintain it's value, however, the most costly asset, the family home or investment property or comercial property is never or at best rarly washed.

I have had to start soft washing the exterior of buildings, hard cleaning floors of buildings simply to encourage people to maintain the properties they own or manage, with the main priority having always been in acheiving a more effective pest control. Most cleaners will use pressure washers that simply do not clean up redisues, they simply blow the grime from A to B.

Never easy to change common practices, like the common use of pressure washers that blast the crap out of valuable building materials, it takes persistance, lots of hard physical work together with plenty of trial and error type work to find out what works and what doesn't, for me it has also involved the manufacturing my own unique washing equipment, leaning on my limited chemistry skills to create my own effective cleaning formulations that are soft, with a near neutral PH.


PEST CONTROL - Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning prior to spraying chemical is not only logical but also environmentally resposibly.

The hard floor cleaning removes many of those food sources or associations that pests seem to prefer as a harbourage, remove those competing conditions, then less chemical needs to be applied to be twice as effective, so many pest controllers will spray over dirty, grimey surfaces only to have the chemical absorbed into the dirt and/or grime making it a lot less ineffective for the target pest, great for the chemical manufacturers and the pest comtrollers balance sheet as treatments will need to be repeated frequently when effctive control of target pests is not achieved.

I have found that where I clean hard flooring of buildinsg together with my normal general pest control service, reinfestation of pests is not a real issue.

When doing rodent control in commercial properties for example, I have found that where I have cleaned surfaces of rodent run markings, droppings and rodent urine residues, the rodent baits get an initial hit after about three days in the case of rats, then no further consumption of rodent baits are generally observed, rodent bait sations remain loaded with active bait. I have many examples of this being the case.


EXTERIOR CLEANING - Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning

Cleaning of concrete or pavers around the exterior of a building is also considered necessary maintennace.

When considering exterior cleaning, a sweep of the surfaces is necessary to remove debris and break the bind between dirt and the hardened surfaces.

A broom and scoop are the ideal tools for outdoor cleaning, a quick sweep and collection of debris into a scoop is probably the most efficient, fastest way to clean up, also has thetangible benefit of a bit of light impact excersise,

In my opinon, leaf blowers are a waste of time and effort, I have found through many years of experience, that leaf blowers simply create a cloud of dust, blow dust and leaves in a somewhat uncontrolled manner in a certain direction, all this debris ideally should still be collected and this then needs a broom & scoop or vacuum. If debris is not collected, then debris will simply be blown back with the wind. Total waste of time and effort. However, what is not immediately apparent when using a blower is that accumulated dirt does not properly dislodge from surfaces, so you get a cleaner surfaces in appearance whilst the embedded dirt remains.

A broom causes friction, this friction dislodges embedded dirt that can then be collected into a scoop and disposed of effectively, in a controlled manner, essentially the surface will be cleaner, repeated periodically sweeping will continue to clean better each time you sweep over the surface, Concrete that is swept daily for example will be less prone to discolouratyion by the likes of black mould growth.

Just to give some perspective, do you brush your teeth to properly clean your teeth or do you use a hairdrier to blow off the the teeth ? Friction of the tooth brush is essential to cleaning teeth, friction of a broom/brush is essential to effectively clean and maintain other types of surfaces.

Once surfaces have been swept, a periodic wash of the surfaces with soap will then break down remaining accumated dirt leaving a cleaner, more durable surface which also looks great, improving health and amenity.



I'll keep updating this page as further developements are made.

I'm not just a participant in the pest control industry, I am a leader and inovator.


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