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Rodents -

Rodent Control is essential as Rodents are considerecd to be a true Pest, meaning, they can cause significant harm to humans, carry diseases, cause damage to human habitat and contaminate/destroy foods meant for human consumption.

Most will simply place rodent baits or traps to achieve effective control of Rodent activity, however, this is not really enough when considering human health and well being.

Effective Rodent Control needs also to include a proper cleaning regime after the rodent activity has been controlled, the reason, is that the body fats, urine and droppings left by rodents are the source of numerous diseases that can cause significant harm to humans well after the Rodent activity has been controlled.

Cleaning dried urine of any mammal is difficult to say the least, proper cleaning of rodent urine and body fat is a particularly difficult task, Proper cleaning is particularly important after prolonged rodent ifestations or where rodent activity has occured in food preperation areas. The urine and droppings are known sources for multiple diseases.

PESTY can thuroughly clean those areas that have, or have had, Rodent Activity -

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Mice- Mus musculus

Mice urinate frequently. A mice infestation is commonly recognised by distinct musty smell of their urine. Mice contaminate all surfaces that they cross with urine and faeces. Easch mouse is estimated to produce up to 75 droppings per mouse per day.

Roof Rat - Rattus rattus

Roof Rats are expert climbers and are usually black to light brown in colour with a lighter underside. The tail is longer than their body, they have poor sight, they make-up for this with their sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Roof Rats originated from India and Eastern Africa and can now be found worldwide.

They are often found outdoors and tend to live in fields and farmlands. They will also climb into buildings and structures when food sources are no longer readily available.

Roof Rats have incisors (teeth) that grow rapidlyr. Rats control incisor teeth by continuously gnawing, which can result in extensive damage. They will gnaw on anything that comes in their path causing considerable destruction.  
Roof Rats urinate, also leaving droppings frequently, contaminating everything they come into contact with. Roof rats are omnivorous, able to detect then avoid new objects placed in the familiar environment.

Norway Rat - Rattus norvegicus

The Brown rat, also referred to as the Common rat, Street rat, Sewer rat, Norway rat, Norwegian rat, or Whar/Waterf rat is one of the best known and most common rats.




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