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SOFT WASH - Buildings

A Good Wash of a Building can Prove to be a Cheap Restoration

Periodic washing of buildings is necessary maintenance - general rule of thumb, is to wash the exterior of a building every 2 years, repaint details that need painting once every 8-10 years.

Washing increases the durability of building elements, also has the added benefit of improved street appeal.

I provide a unique soft wash service in the Sydney Metro Area.

Dirt accumulates to surfaces over time, the dirt in it's raw form of quartz is generally not the problem, however, dirt provide conditions for spores of fungi, mould, bacteria to grow and reproduce, also retains saline salts or other chemical matter that contribute to corrosion, it is this organic matter that causes damage to painted surfaces, metals, timbers, masonry etc'.

Dirt also retains saline salts or other chemical matter that contribute to corrosion.

Washing cleans building elements, those painted surfaces naturally last longer when kept clean.

I am always amazed that people will readily wash the car frequently to maintain it's value, however, the most costly asset, the family home or investment property or comercial property is never or at best rarly washed.

I have had to start washing buildings to encourage people to maintain the properties they own or manage, many house cleaners will use pressure washers, as I do thousands of inspections of properties, I have seen first hand the damage that the use of pressure washers have done to building elements, how destructive pressure washing can be, it is on the back of these observations over years that prompted me to look at alternatives that will clean, not just blast the dirt away, dislodged dirt then can restablish again, however, the actually use soaps that sanitise and clean, leaving a surface that is cleaned and will continue to perform as expected for many years.

Never easy to change common practices, like for example the common use of pressure washers to bast the crap out of valuable building materials, or use of a leafblower as opposed to use of a broom, it takes persistance, hard physical work with plenty of trial and error work to find out what works best and what doesn't, this type of research also necessitated the manufacturing my own unique washing equipment together with creating unique self made formulations of cleaning agents that are soft with a near neutral PH.



Soft Washing of the exterior of a building prior to spraying chemical is not only logical but also environmentally resposibly.

The wash removes many of those food sources or associations that pests seem to prefer as a harbourage, remove those competing conditions, then less chemical needs to be applied to be twice as effective, so many pest controllers will spray over dirty surfaces only to have the chemical absorbed into the dirt and/or grime making it somewhat ineffective for the target pest.

I have found that where I soft wash the exterior of a building together with my normal general pest control service, reinfestation has been minimal, webbing spiders and ants are two types of pests where differences are significant, properties that i have treated every year for many years have had major improvementas with the introduction of a soft wash.

I am also working on removing all items for kitchen cupboards prior to pest control, washing the interior of the cupboards, around appliances, rear of fridges etc' then treating, so far this has shown positive effects on control of cockroaches, I am yet to trial commercial kitchens with this new method.

I'll keep updating this page as further developements are made.

I'm not just a participant in the pest control industry, I am a leader and inovator.



Colorbond is a widely used building material, used for roofing, flashings, wall cladding and in some instances even as framing.

Colorbond needs maintenance, although it is considered a low maintenance product, maintenance is still absolutly necessary.

We see plenty of clorbond roofs or fences that have faded or are soiled with various species of fungi, black mould is particularly unsightly.

Washing of Colorbond is important to retain the finished coloured surfaces, the washing will delay the onset of corrosion, reduce if not elimnate powdery surfces, improve the appearance and prolong the durability of the Colorbond.

Washing removes dirt, bacteria, mould, fungi, lichen and other accumulated debris that can retain moisture or cause deteriration of the finished surfaces.

Bluescope Steel publishes Techincal Bulletins for it's products, recommendation with regard to maintenance that includes washing of colorboand. Bluescope recommends that Colorbond be washed every 6 months, my experience is that this is not absolutly necessary unless Colorbond is exposed to a saline environment such as costal areas or areas with chmeical exposure like properties near main roads for example. I would genrally fall back on the general rule of thumb, to wash the exterior of buildings once every 2 years. This is a logical timing that makes it affordable for the homeowner or buildings manager,I have found that a good wash keeps details clean for a 2 year period. This is based on decades of me observing metal sheeting such as Colorbond, in the 1980's I built over 168 buildings with this type of roofing and/or cladding.

If your building has metal details that are colorbond or similar, such as roofing, cladding, pergolas, awnings, flashings, flues, framing etc'. Then it may be in your best interest to protect your investment and have these items cleaned in an appropraite manner.

Think of it this way, replacement can cost thousands, delay possible replacement by decades, that money could be spent of fun stuff like family trips overseas or other investments, prtect what you have and replacemant may not be necessary.



Soft washing of solar panels is really a a no brainer, if it is a solar panel of a hot water unit or a photovaltiac panel for a solar electrical array, cleaning will increase the efficiency.

Some tests indicate a loss of up to 30% efficiency of Solar Panels when they are soiled with dust, dirt and fungi.

You spend a small fortune on solar panels, trying to recover this cost only to loose effeciency due to soiling of the panel over time, a proper wash, cleans the solar panel to be the same as the day it was installed.

A few issues are developing with regard to solar panels, firstly we are finding that birds are roosting under panels and in some cases bird netting needs to be installed, secondly, accumulation of debris under the panels can not be cleaned, when installed over a metal roof, this is a particular problem as this debris contributes to corrosion of the metal roofing covered by the solar panels, solar panels need adequate clearance between the roofing and the solar panel to enable necessary maintenance that includes washing of the metal roofing. Lastly I have been observing that once debris such as twigs and leaves accumalate under solar panels, this protected environment is ideal for rodents. not uncommon to have rodents gnawing periodically at electrical cabeling.

Ausinspect can clean solar panels with mild soap and water



Air conditining is commonl;y used in the home and workplace, most people spend many hours of the day in an air conditioned environment.

Ever spent a thought on what accumulates in the filters of air conditioning, the filters that are fitted to the return air of the unit.

When the air conditioining filters are soiled, not only is the air flow efficiency of the air conditioiner reduced, but some micro organisims get into the air flow, onle in the air flow, it is possible to reduce the quality of the air being cooled/heated by the air conditioning. This is the air that you breathe.

Accumulated dust to air conditioning filters is an ideal soil patch for bacteria and other fungi to establish and reproduce, dust often contains nutrients that add to promotion of organic growth. Current science understands or has identified only as little as 15 percent of the fungi family, scary when you consider that fungi spores naturally occur in the air we breathe, these spores just need the right conditions to establish and reproduce.

A by product of my cleaning system is that I now have the ability to effectively wash and santitise the filters of air conditioinig units using my soft wash system combined with an understanding of chemistry.

Soft Wash of the air conditiionig filters is simple, effective, and can be done at short notice or when engaging our pest control service.

Would you choose to work in an office or other type of workplace that has soiled air conditioning filters, how much is your health worth ? Maybe it is time to tell you manager, saftey committee or business owner that it is time to have the air conditioning filters cleaned

Would you choose to take your children into an area of a building that could cause them harm, yet many housholders do not make cleaning of air conditioning filters a priority.

I recently spent a few hours at St George hospital, sitting in a waiting room, the air conditiong vent over the receptionist was soiled, the return air filter some 3 meters away was soiled, I though to myself, poor girl, she sits in the receptionist chair every day for many hours, being exposed to soiled air, what adverse effect could that have on the health of a person simply going about their day to day business. Would be so easy to simply clean and santise those filters, with the right set of equipment.

Air conditioners come in many forms, ducted systems, split systems, wall/window/ceiling mounted systems etc'. Virtually all air conditioners have filters that need to be cleaned periodically as part of general ongoing maintenance.

Concerned about self preservation, health of your family, health of your coworkers etc'. You may choose to give me a call to clean your air conditioning filters.



When soft washing the exterior of a building, the windows within reach, are also washed, leaving a sparkling finish and clear windows.

It is pleasant to have clean windows or glazing, also inhances the overall street appeal of the building.

Ordering a soft wash can include your pest control service, a wash of windows, wash of colorbond and exterior generally.



It is the soap that does the cleaning/sanitising, from time to time my system will run out of soap while I am up on the roof, once clean water starts passing through the system, the surfaces simply can not be cleaned, the fungi and bonded dirt simply does not release from the surface,.

The soap keeps the wash soft, the soap with a bit of agitation with a nylon bristle or lambswool with detach dirt and fungi leaving a clean, somewhat polished surafce of finished metals, without the soap the soiled surfaces need heavy scrubbing that risks marking or damaging the finished surfaces of the colorbond.


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